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Eurojackpot which countries participate

The Eurojackpot is now being played all over Europe: 16 countries take part, among them Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary and since 2015 even Slovenia.

Founding countries of the Eurojackpot

On 23 March 2012, the first participating countries were Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Estonia and Finland. So far, most of the jackpot winners came from Germany and Finland. The draw itself takes place every Friday night in Finland, the winning numbers are published on the Internet and also the winning rates are certain at this night.

Play Eurojackpot online

The winning numbers are drawn centrally in Finland and can then be passed on to the tipping community via the Internet. People from all over Europe then know not only whether they have won, but also how much profit there will be for them.

This is due to an ingenious system, which ensures that the winning quotes are announced the same evening. This is why more and more people are playing eurojackpots every week and hope for the big win.