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Euromillions which countries participate

Different countries have been taking part in the euro millions since 2004. For example, Spain, France, Austria and Belgium. In addition, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, the UK and Liechtenstein.
With these 10 countries from all over Europe, the Euromillions are among the world's largest multi-country lotteries.

The 3 founding members of the Euromillions

Some of the participating countries have only been become part of the Euromillions over the years. The founding countries include England, France and Spain: these three countries have created the Euromillions and have been setting up a transnational game system from the beginning.


For this reason, important points such as the winning numbers and the rules for the calculation of the profit totals are the same everywhere. On the other hand, the respective conditions of participation differ considerably from one country to another.

In addition, each state is responsible for financing the lottery. The winnings are also paid out from the winners' country of origin, with all gaming bets being routed into a common pool and distributed to the individual countries.