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Lotto in Austria

In Österreich gibt es die Besonderheit, dass Lotto und Zahlenlotto zwei unterschiedliche Spiele bezeichnen. Die Spielteilnahme ist bei beiden Lotterien ab 18 Jahren möglich.

In Austria there is the exeption that Lotto and Zahlenlotto denote two different games. The participation is possible with both lotteries from 18 years.


The Austrian lottery is played according to the formula 6 from 45 with bonus number. The stake is 1,20 Euro and the draws are on Wednesdays and Sundays. In addition, you can participate in the bonus lottery „Joker“, regardless of whether you play Lotto or Zahlenlotto. „Joker“ lotto can be compared with the German final digit game Spiel 77. Millions of winnings are possible in the Austrian lottery in the first class with 6 correct predictions.

Numbers’ Lotto – „Zahlenlotto“

The Zahlenlotto is played in Austria on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can choose between a game betting of 0.75 Euro and a maximum of 500.00 Euro per game series. In addition, you choose a game formula. Depending on which you have chosen, you can tick one to five of ninety possible numbers.

Different playing styles

Die style of playing called „Ruf“ means that the other player predicts the first drawn winning number and, in the event of success, receives the twenty-five-fold amount of his bet. In the game formula extract, the participant also checks only one number. If he is drawn among the five winning numbers, he will receive the fivefold bet amount.

For Ambo, you have to tick two numbers. The payout is made with multiplier 125 if both are included in the lucky numbers of the play. Terno means that three numbers are to be ticked and in case of winning the bet is multiplied by 3000.

For the Ambo-Terno-3 game, you should also mark three numbers per row. The Ambo-Terno-4 consists of four selected lucky numbers as well as the winning factors 7.5 for two, 500 for three and 2500 for four winners . In the Ambo-Terno-5 gameplay, the factors are 5 for two, 125 for three, 750 for four, and 5000 for five correct predictions.