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Lotto in Croatia

The gambling offer in Croatia is in no way different to the diversity in other European countries. You can try your luck there if you are at least 18 years old. Although many of the game enthusiasts have turned to sports betting in recent years, Lotto remains the favorite in Croatia.

Played and paod is either at receiving offices or online. On the official website of the Croatian Lottery association (, you will be able to find out whether Fortuna has meant well to you twenty-four-seven.

Loto 7/39 and Loto 6/45

Most popular is the Lotto 7/39, where the winning odds can be increased by the bonus lotteries Super 7, the special letters A or B, and the Joker. The golden ball doubles the winnings.

The draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday on Croatian state television HTV1 at 19.55 clock. Another lottery variant is "Loto 6/45", which takes place on Sundays. Here, the minimum bet is 2 kuna (about 26 cents).

TV Bingo 15 od 90 (15 von 90)

Depending on the correct number, there are three winning classes, additional options like "Bingo plus" or "Bingo 24 or 75" (24 of 75) are possible. The draw is broadcasted on Mondays at 9pm on HTV“.


In this gambling game, the random number generator determines 20 from 80 possible numbers. You have the choice between ten game variants. The draw takes place daily at 8.30 pm and you have the chance to win up to 2 million kuna (about 263.000 Euro).

Further gambling games

For "Toto 13" the results of 13 domestic and foreign football results must bet on. At the Expresslotto ( "Ekspres lutrija"), the Rubbellos immediately shows you whether you have won or not.

E-gamblings ( "eSre'cke") are relatively new. With this internet lottery is the result is a foregone conclusion. With lottery bets ( "loto kladenje") you bet on certain results. The Croatian lottery company is the only legal online casino provider in Croatia (