Current Jackpot

Lotto in Estland

Lotteries enjoy a lot of popularity in young Estonia – especially Bingo Loto and Viking Lotto. The market is firmly in the hands of the state lottery company Eesti Loto ( If you want to try your luck at Lotto in Estonia, you must be at least 16 years old. The lottery in Estonia offers four lottery variants.

Bingo Loto

Bingo Loto is the classic Estonian lottery in which 25 boxes (5x5) lead to the win. Every Wednesday, 10 contestants are given the chance to participate in their own Bingo Loto TV show. The drawing takes place at channel 2 at 20:00. The bet per field costs 1,00 Euro. The highest jackpot has so far been around 10 million euros.

Viking Lotto

Viking Lotto, a multinational community lottery that is played in eight countries in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, is also very popular. You must tick 6 out of 48 numbers, with a box costing 1.00 Euro - including a fortune. The jackpot is quite high due to the many players in eight countries and was already around 25 million euros. Every Wednesday at 20:00, the drawing takes place.


Estonia is one of 17 countries in Europe where you have the chance to have 10 million euro each Friday. The drawing takes place between 21:00 and 22:00 CET. The bet per bet is € 2.00.

Keno Loto

In Keno Loto, you can win twice a day, even on Sundays and bank holidays. You must tick 10 of 64 numbers on the betting field. The more hits and the higher your bet is, the greater your potential profit. In order to win € 300,000, you have to invest, for example, the maximum bet of € 15 for 10 numbers. The draw takes place at 14:15 and at 21:15 hrs.