Current Jackpot

Lotto in Finland – variety by diversity

As in many other countries, Lotto is also very popular in Finland. However, the rules differ in part from the usual lottery. Veikkaus is the supplier of the biggest lottery game in the country and has been running a weekly draw since 1970, which is currently being played every Saturday at 22:00.

In the draw, seven numbers are drawn, with 39 numbers at choice on the tip. You can also select two bonus numbers. Another special feature is that you can choose between different systems and can tick eight, nine, ten or eleven numbers. You can already take part from an entry bet of 1.00 Euro.

The chances of winning

Veikkaus is offering a fixed jackpot for its lottery in Finland, which starts at 1.3 million euros. If there is no lucky winner, the jackpot will double and will be played again the following week.
You can reach the smallest winning class with four correct numbers, with the winnings being fixed at 10 euros. All other winnings with the exception of the jackpot are calculated by the number of participants of the respective draw.

Lotto Online in Finland

In sparsely populated Finland, it is now very popular to play Lotto over the Internet. The provider Veikkaus provides an internet portal, which allows you to submit your online lottery ticket after a short registration without problems until shortly before the drawing. Supermarkets and kiosks function as the Lotto receiving offices nationwide. All persons who have reached the age of 18 can participate.