Current Jackpot

Lotto in France

Lotto in France has a tradition: already in the 16th century there was the first lottery. Today the monopoly lies with the largely state-owned company FDJ (La Française des jeux).

Game system

The currently valid game system was introduced in 2008: You must type 5 from 49 as well as a "lucky number" (numéro chance) from 10 correctly. For a correctly tapped lucky number, you will be refunded the bet (mise), even if you did not correctly tap a single number at 5 out of 49. The jackpot is won with 5 from 49 plus the correct super number.

In addition there are other game options like Compte Double, which increase the profit and the corresponding chances, but also the necessary bet.


Drawings are made three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. On these days, only one draw takes place, while before 2008 there were often two. The draws are broadcasted on the corresponding days at 20:35 on the television (channel TF1). There is also a mobile lotto app.

When completing the lottery check, you must specify which of the weekly lottery wins your numbers are for. If you want to participate in more than one draw, the game costs will increase accordingly.

Costs and profits

The stake per betting field and draw is 2 euros, and you must fill in at least one betting field for each betting ticket at Lotto in France. The super-numbers-system has a probability of 1:18 to get at least a refund of this particular amount. There are always at least 2 million euro in the jackpot. If the jackpot is not cracked, it increases by a further million euros in the next draw.