Current Jackpot

Lotto in Irland

The state Irish lottery - Irish National Lottery - was established in 1986 and has been run by Premier Lotteries Ireland since late 2014. The proceeds from the lottery also benefit the beneficiary. "Making magic happen" is the slogan of the Irish lottery.

Game system

It is bet on 6 from 47. There are twelve matching squares on one lottery ticket. At least two fields must be filled in. However, less than 6 numbers can be selected in each case. In recent years, betting on lottery numbers has also become popular. For example, depending on the official betting odds, you may be lucky if you bet money on two or three numbers: the betting winnings may be higher than the comparatively small lottery profit.

There is the principle of a bonus number, which is especially useful in the lower winnings (up to 3 correct plus the additional number). The jackpot (6 right) can be cracked without additional number.


Die Ziehungen beim irischen Lotto finden jeweils mittwochs und samstags statt. Bekanntgegeben werden die Zahlen auf der Internetseite der irischen Lotterie.

Drawings for Irish lottery take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The numbers are published on the Irish lottery website.

Costs und Profits

In the Irish lottery there is a guaranteed minimum jackpot of two million euros, which increases however, if it is not cracked during a draw. For a completed tip field, 2 ¤ bets are due; Since you have to fill at least two fields per game, this means that the cost is at least 4 ¤. At the same time, the chance to have six numbers in the Irish lottery is higher than in Germany, for example.