Current Jackpot

Lotto in Italy

In Italy, SuperEnalotto is the most popular gamble. The draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In each series of games, they match the Italian Lottospiel 6 of 90 numbers. The probability of making a win in the first rank is 1: 622,614,630. For a win in the fifth class that you receive with three correct predictions, the probability of winning is 1: 327. The bonus number called "Jolly“ exists aswell, but is only relevant for the second and sixth win. As a game bet for each row you pay 1,00 Euro at Super Enalotto.

The Jackpot

A minimum amount of EUR 1,300,000 is set as the minimum amount for the lottery in Italy. The potential amount of profit increases with every playout, with no one gaining in the first SuperEnalotto class. A forced distribution is not planned in Italy, with the result that the jackpot can rise indefinitely. The highest profit achieved thus far amounted to 117.7 million euros and went to a betting pool in October 2010. Half a year before, a Sicilian had won 100 million euros which meant a first time three-digit amount.

The taxes on lottery winnings in Italy

In Italy, lottery winnings are not tax-exempt. If you live in Germany and play a SuperEnalotto bill during the holiday, the Italian Lottogesellschaft deducts the applicable taxes before the payout. Already with a winning from 1000,01 euro you reach the highest tax level, in which you pay a basic amount of 6,20 Euro next to a share of 6% of the winnings as a lottery winnings tax. The tax liability begins with a profit ratio of EUR 100.01, from which the lottery company transfers EUR 1.03 to the tax office.