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Lotto in Latvia

If you want to challenge Fortuna in Latvia in the lottery, you must be at least 18 years old. The state lottery association Latvijas Loto ( holds the reins. Especially popular is the classic numbers game, which is also played online – like the other gamblings.

Latloto 5 no 35

For this classic lottery in Latvia it is necessary to fill out 5 out of 35 numbers per box. The bet is 0.75 Euro each. The TV broadcast takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:10 pm on LTV1.

Super Bingo

To challenge the luck of this game, you must tick 20 numbers per box. Five variations are possible per ticket, the bet is 1.20 Euro each. The maximum winnings have been amounted to around 367,000 euros. TV broadcasts every Sunday at 10:00 am on TV3.

Viking Lotto

The multinational community lottery, which is played in eight countries in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, is very popular in Latvia. You must tick 6 out of 48 numbers, whereby there are numerous combinations. The cost is € 0.60 per box. The draw is broadcasted every Wednesday at 21:12 on LTV1


Latvia is one of the 17 countries in Europe where you can win the jackpot of 10 million euros or more every Friday. Each bet will be charged 2.00 Euro. The TV broadcast of the winning numbers will only take place on Saturdays at 9:10 pm on LTV1


The principle behind keno is simple: the more checked numbers per ticket and the higher your bet is, the bigger your winnings. On the betting field, you can tick up to 10 out of 62 numbers. In the draw 20 winning numbers are determined. The game bet starts at € 0.20. The so far the highest Keno winnings in Latvia were 341,000 euros.