Current Jackpot

Lotto in Liechtenstein

Between 1995 and 2012, the association ILF organized a weekly Lotto 6 out of 49. Participation in this game was not only possible for residents of Liechtenstein, but also internationally.

The only restrictions were that citizens of the USA were not allowed to participate in the Lottospiel, and that the submission was not allowed via a server registered in Switzerland. The ILF, however, will discontinued its offer as a result of an insolvency in mid-2012.

Participation in Swiss Lotto

Until the middle of 2012 and in addition to the ILF's game offer and even exclusively since then, Liechtensteiners have been able to participate in the lottery of the neighboring country of Switzerland.
The organization is organized by the Swisslos, which is one of the two Swiss Lotto associations for the German-speaking part of the country, as well as for the Ticino and Liechtenstein.

Stake and winnings

The bets for each row amount to CHF 2.50 per row in Liechtenstein as well as in Switzerland, but you have to fill out at least two rows as a fellow player.
The game formula is 6 out of 42 plus 1 out of 6. In the Principality as well as in Switzerland the bonus number is called lucky number. Drawings are always made on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
You will earn the top winnings as a participant from Liechtenstein, if you correctly predict all six numbers and the additional lucky number.

Taxes on lottery winnings

Switzerland will abolish tax liability on lottery winnings. In Liechtenstein they cannot be taxed anyway so that the lottery winnings were paid without tax deduction.

The requirement is, however, either the registration to the online game with a Liechtensteiner address or the ticket distribution at a point of acceptance in the Principality. If a Liechtenstein resident submits the Lottoschein in a Swiss lottery office, however, he will be subject to a 35% deduction until the tax liability is abolished, just like all foreign players.