Current Jackpot

Lotto in Lithuania

For Lotto in Lithuania the state lottery association Olifeja attracts not only with lushly monetary winnings, but often also with material prizes like houses, cars or smartphones. The participation is possible from 18 years - online or at the kiosk. The biggest jackpot hit so far in the Baltic countries was 7.6 million euros.

Vikingu Loto

Viking-Lotto, the cross-border lottery of a total of 8 Scandinavian and Baltic countries, is also very popular. You must tick 6 out of 48 numbers and you have to pay 1 euro per game bet for each betting field. The draw is always broadcasted at 22.25 hrs on TV3. The highest winnings so far in Lithuania were 1.6 million euros.


A popular lottery game in Lithuania is Tele-Lotto: every Sunday evening, the TV channel LNK captivates viewers in front of their screens with their own show starting 17.20 o’clock. The minimum bet is 1 euro and there are many material prizes!


In this lottery game, 6 out of 30 numbers are to be bet on. If you are the only gambler who has correctly scored all 6 numbers, a minimum win of 100,000 euros is guaranteed. The bet is 1 Euro. LTR radio broadcasts the draw from Monday to Friday at 20.59, on Saturdays at 20.25 hrs.


Keno-Lotto guarantees daily winnings of up to € 100,000. 10 out of 64 numbers are to be checked. The minimum bet starts from 0,25 Euro. The drawing is broadcasted by LTR between Monday and Saturday at 20.25.