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Play lotto in Luxembourg

The Luxembourgian lottery association has the French name "Loterie nationale Luxembourg" and operates its website in this language, although Luxembourgish and German in the Grand Duchy are equally qualified as official languages.

Die distinctive gambling offerings

The game offerings of the Luxembourg lottery association are limited to different scratchcards and lotteries with bets from 2,00 Euro. Another game is the Luxembourg Joker, which you can play in conjunction with a lottery ticket of the community lottery Euromillions.

Participation in German lotto

In addition to the Euromillions, Luxembourg participates in the German lottery on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The winning numbers including the jackpots are also valid in the Grand Duchy. Luxembourgian gamblers have once again made attractive winnings in the German numbers.

That includes a fellow player from the Grand Duchy who won the second rank the of 318.959 euros on 21 May 2014. The highest winnings of the country was achieved by an Euromillions participant on 27 September 2013 with 65,793,284 euros.

Luxemburgers like to gamble in Germany

In spite of the Luxembourgian participation in the German lottery, many residents continue to go to the neighboring country for a ticket submission. A major reason for this behavior is that the Luxembourgian lottery company only takes care of the main game, but not the bonus lotteries Super 6 and Spiel 77.

Even the lucky spiral – which is ususally very attractive because of pension profits – is not offered in Luxembourg either as a bonus game to the usual lotto or as a separate numbers game. On the other hand, German lotto players from close-to-home districts like to participate in the lottery Euromillions not offered in Germany.
Taxes on lottery winnings are not incurred in the Grand Duchy.