Current Jackpot

Lotto in Norway

The system and drawings

The lotto in Norway is organized by the state lottery association Norsk Tipping. Besides sports betting It is the most popular game for money in the country. 7 out of a total of 34 numbers are bet on, system play and the completion of an online ticket are possible. The drawing of the lottery numbers plus the bonus number is carried out every Saturday and is broadcasted on TV.

If there is no ticket with seven correct numbers for a draw, the amount for the highest class is added to the jackpot of the consecutive week. In its introduction in 1986, the lotto in Norway did cost only one krona. In the meantime, the price per tip has increased to five kronas, which is equivalent to about 50 cents.

Odds and statistics

In the Norwegian lottery, the winning chance for all classes is statistically considered to be about two percent - which means that one out of 50 bets wins. About half of the total amount spent on the lottery in Norway is distributed as winnings, while the rest is retained by the lottery association.

One-third of the total winnings are reserved for the jackpot and the big group of winners with four correct numbers. The last third is distributed among the other classes. The highest jackpot ever cracked in Norway was 25 million kronas, equivalent to about 2.6 million euros.