Current Jackpot

Lotto in Slovenia

Loterija Slovenija has been active for 50 years and is the largest operator of gambling in Slovenia. Loterija Slovenija offers the following:

Loto 7/39

At the Slovenian Loto, you bet on seven numbers in the range of 1 to 39. There is also a bonus number. The chance to guess the seven numbers correctly is 1: 15.380.937. Each lottery ticket costs 25 cents. The draws take place twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays. Lotko is an additional draw, in which you can only participate in conjunction with the normal lottery drawing. A Lotko number will cost you 1.50 euros. Another draw, which is connected to the normal lottery, is Loto plus. Participation in Loto plus is also possible only with participation in the normal lottery. Here you have the possibility to participate in even with already drawn numbers. The maximum winnings of Loto, Lotko and Loto Plus are 5 million euros.

Super Loto

At SuperLotto, the jackpot – the Super Seven – is amounted to 1 million euros guaranteed, at the Super Lotko to 100,000 euros and at the SuperLoto Plus to 50,000 euros. The draws do not take place regularly, only from time to time. A bet will cost you 80 cents.


With this alternative of lottery you can not select the numbers yourself, since they are already pre-selected on the gambler’s card. This costs 1.50 euros. Drawings are take place daily and you have the chance to win € 100,000 every day.