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Lotto in Spain

Already in the 18th century a lottery was established in Spain on royal decree. Today, there are a variety of different lottery systems, most of which are organized under the umbrella of the state Loterías y apuestas del estado.


In Spain, different Lotto systems are popular, for example La Primitiva, where you bet on six numbers (6 out of 49).

In the National Lottery (Lotería Nacional), on the other hand, you bet on five numbers in a betting field from 1 to 54; In addition there is the so-called key number (número clave) between 0 and 9. You can fill outup to six betting fields for each game. Each betting slip regularly takes part in a single draw.

From two correct numbers on there is a winner. Betting on the correct key number, your stake is reimbursed.


Drawings for La Primitiva and Lotería Nacional take place on Thursdays and Saturdays. In addition, there are other special games, some of which are drawn only once a week.

Costs and profits

At the Lotería Nacional the bets vary according to the day of the draw: on Thursdays 3 ¤ for each betting field, on Saturdays 6 ¤.For special draws the price can be significantly higher. In the case of Saturday drafts, for example, higher profits are distributed than on Thursdays.

Under Spanish law, lottery winnings over 2,500 ¤ have to be taxed accordingly; Since the beginning of 2013 they have been taxed at a rate of 20%. 70% of the lottery revenues are distributed as profits, while the rest is used by the state for infrastructure projects.