Current Jackpot

Lotto in Sweden

In the Swedish lottery, 7 correct numbers from 35 possible numbers have to be checked. A number row costs 16 crowns (about 1.70 euros). You can only participate if you are older than 18 years.

Lotto in Sweden is organized by the state company Svenska Spel and the lottery ticket can be completed online or in supermarkets. In addition, Svenska Spel offers the additional lotteries Joker "and" Drömvinsten "


The average jackpot is about 1.5 million kronas, which is equivalent to about 160,000 euros. The seven winners are drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The draw is always broadcasted at 7:55 pm on the Swedish TV station "TV4".


The "Joker" is the game number, which consists of seven numbers. The smallest prize is paid out if the last two numbers of your ticket number match the drawn numbers.


In the game "Drömvinsten", you have to bet on two bonus numbers from other series in addition to the 7 correct ones. The basis winnings at "Drömvinsten" consist of 75 million kronas (approx. 8 million euros) and increase by a further million kronas per week.

The highest jackpot was cracked on April 20th 2013. The lucky winner came from the city of Norrköping and won 237,697,528 kronas, which is about 25.4 million euros.

Tax-free winnings

The profit is tax-exempt, but must be stated in the income tax declaration as an additional income, which is then taxed at 30 percent. However, there are a number of exemptions.