Current Jackpot

Lotto in Switzerland

New: The Swiss game formula

Since mid-January 2013, a new game formula has been introduced in Switzerland, replacing the previously used system 6 from 45. The current formula is 6 out of 42 plus 1 out of 6, with the additional lucky number increasing your winnings on three to six hits in the main field.

In Switzerland, the stake is CHF 2.50, with each game having to make at least two bets. You can see additional chances of winning in a complementary joker game - a final digit lottery. The profit probability in the Swiss lotto is 31.474.716 for the first rank.

The Replay-Number

The Replay number is a special feature of the Lotto game in Switzerland. Each time the game is released, the computer automatically prints a number from 1 to 13 on your lottery ticket. If it matches the drawn replay winning number, you automatically participate in the next draw at no costs.

The taxation of lottery winnings in Switzerland

Switzerland is planning the abolition of tax liability on lottery winnings in contrast to many other states, which only recently revoked tax exemption for gambling profits. It is unusual that lottery winnings are not subject to a special tax rate as usual, but fall under the income tax.

The lottery company will initially pay 35 percent of the profit as a withholding tax to the tax office. The final tax assessment is made for residents of Switzerland together with the the annual tax declaration. If you do not live in Switzerland and you earn lottery winnings, you must pay 35 per cent of the winnings as lottery winnings tax. So Lotto Switzerland is equal to the tax in Switzerland.