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Lotto in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands the lottery numbers are drawn on Saturdays. As a game formula the Dutch Lotto association usually sets 6 out of 45, in fact, you also have one of six possible colors for the game. For the jackpot you need 6 correct predictions in the number field and the right color. In addition to the lottery, you can also take part in a final digit lottery with your lottery ticket. On the last Saturday of each month, two draws are made without an extra bet, so your chances of winning double.

The jackpot and other winnings

The jackpot at Lotto in the Netherlands amounts to at least 7,500,000 euros. It raises averagely about 400,000 euros a week, when no one wins the first rank. A high jackpot leads to rising revenues also in the Netherlands on a regular basis and therefore to a faster increase in the possible profit. From the third prize onwards, you will receive a fixed quota. The lowest possible profit is achieved in the Dutch Lotto for two correct predictions. In this case, you receive exactly your game bet with 2.00 euro. The mathematical probability for the jackpot in the Dutch Lotto is 1: 48 870 360.

The gambling tax

If you get a win in the lottery in the Netherlands, you will be charged a 29.0% gaming tax. Tax-free are only winnings up to 454,00 Euro. The tax deduction is automatically made before the payout. The residents of the Netherlands have to pay taxes even for winnings made in another country with the usual tax rate of 29.0 percent and indicate this in their tax return.