Current Jackpot

Euromillions Neuigkeiten 2016

Four players cracking the jackpot

In the Euomillions, several players do not often make a win in the top-class for several week, so a high jackpot is generated. In February 2016, however, there were four matches in the top-class. The minimum jackpot had to be paid out twice, as the first winning class was scored consecutively in two consecutive events.

Die Euromillions-Quoten im Februar 2016

Am 02. und am 26. Februar belief sich die Quote jeweils auf 15 Millionen Euro, nachdem der Jackpot bei der vorherigen Ausspielung zur Auszahlung gekommen war. Am 12. und am 23. Februar fielen die Gewinnquoten mit 32.002.496 beziehungsweise 31.340.088 Euro jeweils deutlich höher aus.

On February 2nd and February 26th, the odds were 15 million euros after the jackpot had be paid out previous game. On February 12th and 23rd, the winnings of 32.002.496 and 31.340.088 were significantly higher.

Who hit the jackpot?

Since the winners have not disclosed any personal data for publication, it is only known in which countries they participated in the Euromillions. The two minimum jackpots were attributable to Spain, while the thirty-fold million gains went to Great Britain.

More than 132 million euros in the jackpot

For the first time the jackpot had grown to more than 100 million euros on January 22nd. On January 22nd, 2016, the Euro millions Jackpot reached the sum of 100 million euros for the first time this year. It was not meant to be paid out until the last playout on January 29th. The winning numbers were 1, 5, 23, 29 and 32 with the star numbers 1 and 7.

Two jackpot-winners

On the 29th of January, 2016, two players scored in the first class.. The jackpot was split between them according to the rules, so that each player was paid an amount of 66 188 316.00 euros. Exact information about the two million-million-winners were not known because they had not released any data for information.

The Lotto associations involved only reported that players from France and Ireland had made the top winnings at the end of January. Already a week later abother win in the top-class was to be awarded. A Spaniard had won the minimum jackpot of 15 million euros.