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Euromillions March 2004

20 million euro jackpot goes to Spain

After the Euromillions jackpot had been cracked in the two previous draws by nobody, the proud amount of 20,678,070 Euros had accumulated. But the fourth turn of the Euromillions drawings took place on March 5, 2004 and brought things around. Exactly one winners lottery ticket showed all the correct numbers – 4, 7, 33, 37, 39 as well as Lucky Star 1 and Lucky Star 5.

This time, the entire amount of more than 20.6 million euros went to a winner on the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. At three other draws in the same month – which took place on the 12th, 19th and 26th March – the jackpot remained unaffected. Curiously, the lucky star 4 was drawn in all three draws. Although no ticket showed the the right numbers in these draws, the Euromillions created millionaires from normal gamblers.

In each of the Euromillions draws from the 12th and 26th March, a lucky gambler won € 1.077.922,30 and € 1,111.400.50 in the 2nd rank with five correct numbers and a correct Lucky Star. However, if the second Lucky Star also corresponded, the winnings would have been more than ten times as high.