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Euromillions November 2004

Record jackpot goes to Portugal

Only on 8 October 2004, Portugal and the Portuguese lottery Jogos Santa Casa had joined the Euromillions multi-nation lottery, and already seven weeks later, the jackpot first went to the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula. The numbers determined on November 26, 2004 within the scope of the 42nd Euromillions draw were 1, 4, 24, 34 and 36 as well as lucky stars 6 and lucky stars 8.

For four weeks, no player had bet on all the right numbers and lucky stars, and seven new countries participated in the Euromillions lottery in October, with Belgium, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland. The jackpot was as full as never before. The record volume of 43,756,502 euros – almost 10 million euros more than the previous Euromillions record jackpot – fell on a lottery ticket that was the only one to have all the right numbers and lucky stars. However, two Portuguese friends are said to have shared the prize.

The kiosk, where they had bought the lucky ticket, and who in a metaphorical sense had created the first Portuguese Euromilionários , enjoyed great popularity among gamblers after the payout of the giant win, and his owner later told of a crazy time in which Portuguese euromillions gamblers had to wait in front of his shop in such long queues that he would not even have time for lunch and dinner.