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Euromillions September 2004

Taking a deep breath at the Euromillions

If it goes up and down with double-digit million profits, it is often good to have a breather. A month of breathing was September 2004. After a jackpot of more than 24.7 million euros had gone to France on August 6th – and before 1 October 2004 the happy Spanish main winner secured the amount of 29.785.269 euros – the jackpot remained untouched.

The two highest wins in September 2004 occurred at Euromillions on the 30th and 31st draw. On September 3, the drawn numbers were 8, 12, 14, 15 and 34, as well as lucky star 6 and lucky star 7. While the first winning class remained untaken, a fellow player had correctly guessed five numbers and one of the lucky stars. For this he still received 864,768.50 euros.

A little more – € 935,252.50 – the Euromillions poured out on the player, who also had five correct numbers and a correct lucky star on his ticket the following week on September 10th. If anyone had had all his lucky numbers – namely 5, 25, 33, 36, 38 and lucky stars 2 and 5 on his ticket, he would have been richer by more than 20 million euros in one swoop.