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Introduction of the super-draft

Since the year 2007, the multi-national lottery Euromillions also carries out so-called super-drafts. While a normal draw’s jackpot is worth € 15 million, a super-draw - also called "event draw" – is always worth at least € 100 million. That is even the case when the first winning class was previously taken.

In the first Euromillions super-draw on 9 February 2007 the 100 million euro went to Belgium. The fortunate Belgian, who preferred to remain anonymous, had bought the winning ticket with the numbers 14, 16, 30, 36 and 46 as well as Lucky 2 and Lucky 8 at a newspaper stand in Tienen. With that, he sealed the biggest lottery win ever won in Belgium. The second supe-draft on 28 September 2007 went down with 130 million euros in the jackpot. Since no player had correctly guessed all the numbers – 22, 30, 34, 35 and 44 as well as Lucky 4 and Lucky 5 – the jackpot – according tot he rules –was split in the second rank among the fourteen winners.