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The year of shared jackpots

Jackpots are so huge at EuroMillions that most winners do not find it hard to share. That’s good, because in 2008 Euro Millions was something like the year of the shared jackpots. In the draw of 8 February 2008, sixteen players from the UK, France, Austria, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland benefited from the jackpot, which climbed up to massive 130 million euros. No one had all the drawn numbers – namely 17, 28, 30, 37, 44 as well as Lucky 1 and Lucky 4 – on the ticket. But because it was a so-called super-draw, the jackpot was distributed to the next winning class – five correct numbers and one correct Lucky Star.

This was also the case with the super-draw on 26 September 2008. Here, fifteen happy winners each received just under 9.2 million euros. But also in the regular draws, sharing was hip in 2008. So on May 23, 2008, four players had the right lucky numbers 5, 9, 19, 21 and 29 as well as lucky star 1 and lucky star 7 on their lottery tickets. But because the jackpot had been cracked in the draw before, each winner received only 3.75 million euros.