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Euromillions happenings 2010

A good year for British Euromillions gamblers

In 2010, most players from the United Kingdom benefited from the XXL jackpots in the Euromillions. At the 314th Euromillions draw, the British pair Justine Laycock (41) and Nigel Page (43) had to share the jackpot of 129,818,431 euros with another Spanish winner. The numbers 1, 5, 18, 38,45 as well as Lucky 4 and Lucky 6 were noticed on both winners. Despite the split jackpots, the couple living in Cirencester was delighted with the profit of 56 million pounds.

While the three children of the couple came up with rather modest desires – like a horse and a tarantula – Nigel Page dreamed of a new car as well as their own Indoor Skydiving Center where as Justine Laycock dreamed of a house with its own swimming pool. All these dreams and many more could be likewise fulfilled by the two other winners of the year 2010 from the UK. Both decided to remain anonymous and secured more than 100 million or nearly 130 million euros in the draws of 14 May and 8 October 2010.