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Scottish couple cracks pound-record-Jackpot

At the Euromillions draw number 397, held on July 12, 2011, the jackpot was as full as it had not been for almost five years. No wonder – after all, the first winning rank had remained vacant during the last fourteen draws. But this time the couple Chris (55) and Colin (64) Weir had the right numbers – namely 17, 19, 38, 42 and 45 as well as Lucky 9 and Lucky 10. There were two major jackpots with 190 million euros each.

Because of the favorable exchange rate from euro to British pound, the profit for the Scots was 161.653.000 GBP, however, the highest win in the Euro millions, which was ever distributed in the UK. The jackpot was a stroke of luck for the couple, because the psychiatric nurse Chris and the camera operator Colin had not been able to work for years because of serious illnesses. Among other things the money will be spent on travelling and the purchase of houses for their two adult children.