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The rules of the game for the Euromillions

The Euromillions Lottery is organized by ten countries, Germany not included. As a German game participant, you can either participate via a foreign lottery receiving office or participate online.

The bet

The bet for a filled betting field of the Euromillions is 2.00 Euro. The additional processing fee per game differs between the individual states or betting offices. The drawings are held in Paris on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Filling out the lottery ticket

In each row of a Euromillions game, you tick 5 of 50 possible main numbers as well as 2 of 11 star numbers. Minimum prerequisite for a win is the correct prediction of two numbers from the main field. The jackpot is achieved by participants who have predicted all five game numbers as well as the two star numbers.

The winnings

The minimum amount for the first rank of winnings of the Euromillions is 15,000,000 euros. If the jackpot is not cracked and continues to rise, you can even win up to 190,000,000 euros. On occasion, multiple winners have had to share the total jackpot.

Special features

A special feature of the Euromillions game is the roll-down. This rule means that the jackpot will be played in the second winning class as soon as it reaches the maximum amount of 190 million euros and no winner has been determined in the first draw / P>

If no one gets the first win in the subsequent play, a forced distribution of the prize money to the successful lottery players takes place in the second winning class. For the following play, the jackpot is set back to the initial starting amount of 15 million euros.

The lottery companies have the possibility, at their own assessment, to launch special plays. In the last few years, the jackpot has been regularly increased to the top-notch winning amount.