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Regulations on age limitation

Each lottery player has his or her lucky numbers: be it his own wedding day, a seventh series or, for example, the birthday of his own children. Speaking of offspring: Many parents often ask their older children, which numbers they should bet on. Whether or not you use your children as a mojo for your personal euromillions numbers, remains your decision.

Gambling is reserved for adults

But: the lawmaker is not very tolerant considering the legal minimum age. In Germany, for example, the gambling contract states that the participation in the lottery is only allowed for eighteen-year-olds or older. Therefore, if you want to push your luck, you must be an adult. And that really excludes young people gambling like lotto or euromillions. If, however, a minor has bought a lottery ticket, for example in a kiosk in Austria, and wins with his combination of numbers, the prize is paid out to its legal guardian.

Play lotto as a teenager? There are also exceptions

Although most European countries have a legal age limit of 18 years for the participation in lottery games – online or classic with a paper betting slip, there are also exceptions: these include Estonia. In the Baltic country young people can already push their luck from 16 years on and gamble – quite legally.