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Can phone calls referring to the jackpot be seroius?

The nice voice on the phone promises what most people dream about: The jackpot in a lottery! But watch out! Behind such calls usually are dubious tricks, which promise you trips of a lifetime, cars and a lot of money. Often, such callers also masquerate as employees of Euromillions or call a similar-sounding name.

Banking information is resold

Such hustlers, however, only pursue one goal: They want you your personal banking information which is resold good money or used to debit never signed subscriptions. As soon as your banking information is in circulatio... imagine the horror scenario!

No notification by phone

But what if you really hit the jackpot at the Euromillions or another lottery game? Do you get a call? First of all, serious Lotto companies do not advertise on the phone, nor try to get the customer’s banking information. Due to the occurences with tricksters the Austrian Lotteries stand aloof from telephone marketing: That has never been the case and never will be. Likewise, no third parties are delegated with the notification of alleged winnings, it says on the website. So: No notifications by phone.

Stay suspicious and hang up the phone

Unfortunately, the number of such tricksters is increasing day by day – even if telephone advertising is inflicted with high fines. The best tip: stay suspicious when someone promises you winnings on the phone. Hang up and never reveal your banking information. Another thing: if you have not participated in a lottery game lately, you can not win anything!