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Gambling in a betting community: Why a contract is recommended

The chance to win the Euro milion is too compelling. You tick one box and after that, maybe another one and all of a sudden the bet is higher than planned. Many gamblers therefore join a lottery team. This has not only the advantage that the bet is shared, but also the responsibility. Usually a leader is determined who is concerned with the submisson of the lottery tickets on time. So you can keep a clear head!

A written contract eliminates misunderstandings

The proverb, "A dept paid is a kept friend," is not a coincidence, but to avoid bad surprises, you should make a written agreement with the rest of the team members of your lottery syndicate. Many people do not know: Lottery syndicates are companies constituted under civil law – whether you agree on the common game in black and white or verbal.

Although, according to the lawmaker, verbal agreements are already a contract, however, you have to prove certain things first – for example, that you actually participated and played, although only the name of another team member is on the lottery ticket. Is this case agreed on formally, the gift tax can also be avoided.

What should be in the contract

You can set up the contract informally: You should include the names and shares of all the players in the betting syndicate as well as the distribution of the winnings. It is useful to keep some profits to bet with again up to a certain amount – which you, of course, contractually agree on. A spokesperson should also be established to deal with the opening of the bank account or the collection of the stakes. Finally, the contract is provided with the current date and the signature of all team members of a lottery syndicate – and you are ready to play.