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Clumsily chosen numbers ensure low odds

While each ball can be drawn with the same probability, you have the ability to influence the odds by avoiding awkward numbers in your range. Which numbers should you do without?

Do not form ticket patterns and do not select any mathematical series. Patterns on the Euromillions game tickets are popular and used by many players. Therefore, avoid numerical series that result in a square or in others types of patterns on the betting slip. Also do not use mathematical series as these are also often checked.

Birthday numbers and unskilful numbers

Many of the players tick off the numbers of the birthdays of their family members or friends on the Euromillions lottery ticket. For this reason, in addition to your date of birth, all rows, which consist exclusively of the numbers 1 to 31, are unskilful with regard to the expected quota. In each row check each row at least one, preferably two to three numbers.

The copying of prominent bets

The copying of prominent bets that you find in some magazines is extremely unskilful. Apart from you, many other players have implemented this idea, so the profit ratios will be extremely low.

The copying of Eurojackpot numbers

Playing the last Eurojackpot winning numbers at the next Euromillions drawing is not a very smart idea. The appering of numbers in the other european lottery has apparently no influcence on the probability of drawing a numerical series. However, you are certainly not the only player who has ticked off the numbers previously drawn in the Eurojackpot. That is why you will probably be disappointed by the odds.