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Single player game vs. lotto pool

What are lotto pools or lotto syndicates?

When participating in the Euromillions lottery through a lotto pool, you play a large number of series together with a fixed number of additional people. Offers for lotto communities are provided by both private game providers and the Lotto companies of some states.

More series lead to higher odds

If you are a member of an euromillions game community, you play a large number of series. The more people participate in an organized community, the more likely they get a smaller profit.
Systems with a high number of participants allow the selection of the checked numbers in a way that will inevitably lead to at least one win in the last class . To do this, only two of the five main draws must be correctly predicted on the lottery ticket

The profits are small

In the Euromillions game participation within a game community, you not only share the bets, but also, of course, every win with numerous other players. So you can only win a small jackpot percentage. So you do not have the chance to make very big winnings, even though the above-average top quotes make the lottery interesting.

The trick with guaranteed winnings

Some providers give you a profit guarantee. This simply means that you will be able to hold back your bet or participate in the following event free of charge, if there is no win on your bet. This is rare because of the high number of game series. The warranty does not imply that your profit is higher than your stake. In most cases, your game community will achieve several small winnings, but only a fraction of the total bet.

The costs reduce the success

Please pay attention to the fees to be paid in addition to the bets. These will significantly increase your financial expenditure for the game participation, depending on the provider.