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Are numbers from birthdays useful for Euromillions?

Most Euromillions players who take their birthdays as the number sequence restrict to the birth month and to the day of birth. This reduces the playable range to the numbers from 1 to 31, so that nineteen numbers available on the game will inevitably be disregarded. Since the star numbers in any case only cover the range from 1 to 11, nothing speaks against the application of birthday numbers for this.

Numbers from birthdays lead to low odds

A series of euromillions consisting exclusively of birthday numbers has the same chances of winning the draw as any other possible series of numbers. If you have chosen your birth data or the corresponding data of your partner or a child as the basis for completing your ticket, you must share the winnings with numerous other players.

The reason for the low rate to be expected is simple. The available winning amount is divided by the number of successful players in the respective class. The effect is enhanced when you have bet on the four-digit year of a birthday. This can be only 19 for all of you, or 20 if you're using a child's birth date.

Higher odds without birthday figures

The highest odds are achieved with the Million Euromillions game series, which contain several numbers starting at 32. These are not playable or only as birthday figures in the course of the year and are therefore checked rarely. If you do not use birth data when completing your Euromillions ticket, the amount of the expected odds increases appreciably as a result of the small number of winners.