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Is a prediction useful for the Euromillion?

Offerings for the prediction of the Euromillions numbers are numerous. However, they are not helpful. The draw of the Euromillions winning numbers follows exclusively the random principle, so that nobody can know the winning numbers of the next draw. If this knowledge was possible, each player would submit a ticket himself and thus earn more money than with the prediction of the numbers for other players.

Offers for the calculation of the ideal Euromillions numbers for you or your star sign are easy to be recognized as little useful. There is only one draw per matchday and no separate lucky numbers for the individual zodiac signs. If the predicted figures are not printed for you personally, but as a supplement to the horoscope in a magazine, you will also be faced with low odds, since other readers have also adopt these numbers.

Drawings frequencies and drawings residues are no indication

The number’s prediction of future euromillions winning numbers is comparable to listing the prevoius drawings frequencies of the particular numbers and the according information since when they have not been drawn yet. You can certainly rely on the correctness of these statistics, which can be found on the websites of most Lotto companies. However, the data has no effect on the following draw, with every single conceivable row having exactly likelihood of occurence.

The predictions of celebrities reduce the quota

Some magazines ask celebrities to fill out an euromillions lottery ticket and print it off. If you are a fan of the respective singer, the actor or the sportsman, the illustrated betting slip looks like a prediction of the winning numbers for the next draw. However, copying these tips is not recommended. Many readers of the magazine have the same idea, so the odds in the profit are very low.