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The best is: random numbers

Ticking off random numbers on the Euromillions lottery ticket metaphorically imitates the draw, which is based solely on the random principle. At the same time, this method reduces the risk of you play by patterns on the game ticket or fall back on birthday numbers. Such game series have neither less nor greater chances than random combinations.

However, they are so popular with euromillions participants that they lead to pretty low payout rates. A simple solution to obtaining random numbers is to write the numbers 1 to 50 on pieces of paper which you draw five numbers from. Then use the numbers 1 to 11 to calculate your two lucky star numbers.

Does ist make sense to use random generators for Euromillions?

You have already seen or even received promotional gifts such as key rings containing six balls and forty-nine small holes. For the lottery of Euromillions, these devices are only useful to a limited extent, since the number 50 and the two star numbers are missing. In addition, every shake of the device provides you with a proposal for six numbers, but you only need five.

Similar gifts for the Euro millions are certainly desirable, but not to be expected due to the still significantly greater popularity of the numbers lottery game. Better suited are toy drums for bingo. First remove all balls from 51 and draw your five predictions for the main field from the remaining numbers. For the determination of two euro numbers put the balls with numbers 1 to 11 into the wheel.

Random number generators

Random generators are available as an app for the smartphone as well as on different websites. This is usually a pseudo-random number generator, but it supplies sufficiently random numbers. While you usually pay a small amount for purchasing the app, most random-number generators are available free of charge for euromillions numbers.