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Stories of Euromillions winners 2012

Greatest winnings in a community

Friday, 12.03.2012: Corby in the county of Northamptonshire in Great Britain is usually a gray industrial district, where hardly anything happens. This changed however suddenly on Friday, the 12th of March 2012. On this day a betting community, which consists of 12 bus drivers, won the Euromillions Jackpot. The winnings were gigantic 38 million pounds sterling. So each member of the betting community still receives more than 3 million pounds sterling. The community had existed for more than three years and was about to be dissolved, when they finally had a jammy shot.

The event crashed Corby into chaos, as the bus drivers were on duty when they learned of their win. They just stopped the buses at the roadside and asked the passengers to get off. Then they celebrated a roaring party all night. The next day, none of them came to work. One man, however, did not feel like celebrating. He belonged to the betting community in the past, but had given up just before, the biggest mistake of his life.

The greatest win in the Euromillions of all time

Friday, 10.08.2012: The lottery Euromillions has been organized since 2004. The drawings take place in Paris. So far, there have been 271 lucky jackpot winners in the history of the lottery.
The biggest winners of all time (anyway until now) was the couple Gillian and Adrian Bayford from the town of Haverhill in the English county of Suffolk. They won in the draw on August 10, 2012 the unimaginable amount of 190 million euros. How many people have envied and wished to be in their place.

But what has become of them? Are they happy? No, quite the opposite, both of them agreed that such a great profit also means a lot of stress. Today, the couple are divorced and both live at the opposite ends of the country. Both say the lottery winnings at least bear part of the blame for the failure of their marriage. Today Adrian lives with a girl who is 16 years younger than him, while his divorced wife has hooked herself a car dealer.