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Stories of Euromillions winners 2015

Spaniard wins Euromillions-Jackpot online

Tuesday, 12.05.2015: You do not always need to buy your lottery ticket in a point of acceptance in order to win. The online lottery can also be worthwhile, which was the case when a Spaniard hit the Euromillions jackpot on Tuesday, May 12th 2015 in the metropolis of Barcelona. The winner, who would like to remain anonymous, won 48 million euros, although he never submitted a physical ticket.

He gambled online with Eduardo Losilla, the owner of a Euromillions selling point, where online bets are also accepted. The win was the highest in the fifty-year history of the family business and has been the highest in Barcelona for the past 10 years. It shows clearly that it is worthwhile to play Lotto online.
The lucky winner must pay taxes in Spain, unlike in Germany, but he still has enough money to keep free from financial worries for the rest of his life.

Czech cracks Euromillions-Jackpot

Friday, 15.05.2015: After the draw of the Euromillions Jackpot on Friday, May 15th 2015, a great speculation started. The profit went to the Czech Republic, so much was clear, but the winner did not answer. This even went so far that fraudsters were calling the lottery association and pretended to be the lucky fellow.

Almost 4 weeks later, on 11 June, the nerve-racking wait was over. The winner was personally present at the head office of the Czech lottery association Sazka and showed the right betting slip. He earned winnings of 90 million euros, the highest jackpot ever to be bet on in Germany. The man wants to remain anonymous, is middle-aged and comes from the Pardubice region, about 100 kilometers east of the capital Prague.

When asked why he waited so long before he demanded his win, he replied that he wanted to wait until the hype about the jackpot win wore off.

First-gambler wins Euromillions-Jackpot

Dienstag, 25.08.2015: meisten Spieler tippen über viele Jahre und hoffen ständig auf einen großen Gewinn. So manch einer ist dabei innerlich hin und her gerissen, ob er aufgeben oder weitermachen soll. Das war bei einer Frau aus Österreich ganz anders.

Tuesday, 25.08.2015: Most players are typing for many years and always hope for a big win. Many a man is torn inwardly, whether he should give up or continue. It was quite different with a woman from Austria.

 The gambler comes from Klagenfurt/Wörthersee, the state capital of Carinthia. According to the Lotto company, the young woman is in her late twenties, gambling for the first time. In doing so she proved to be lucky and her bet cracked the jackpot, which amounted to 30.5 million euro. Previously, there had been no winner for three consecutive months. The Carinthian woman preferred to remain anonymous and took the psychological counseling of the lottery association, which is offered to big winners.

In general, the Lotto company advises to remain prudent in the event of a million win and to come to terms with the event. In Germany, winners have 90 days to claim their winnings. Only then the whole sum will be irrevocably lost.

The highest German Euromillions win 2015

Friday, 13.11.2015: Germany is not one of the countries participating in the Euromillions draw. Nevertheless, there are also Germans who have won the Euromillions Jackpot.
There are 2 possibilities for this. Players can either buy a betting slip for a trip, for example a holiday, at a local point of sale and participate in the game or they can play online. That is exactly what a man from Baden-Württemberg did on Friday, November 13th, 2015.

He submitted bet online winning 32.7 million euros. That was the highest profit, which was paid out in Germany in 2015 and the highest which went ever Baden-Württemberg. This year, this was already the 25th million euro win in the lottery Euro millions. The game is very popular, because chances are better and the profit is higher than in other lotteries. When betting online, it is recommended to gamble only with reputable vendors. It is best to research the Internet before.