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Stories of Euromillions winners 2011

Der highest Sterling win ever

Tuesday, 12.07.2011: Who does not dream of winning the jackpot in the lottery Euromillions? For the couple Colin and Chris Weir from Largs in the Scottish county Ayrshire, this dream came true on Tuesday the 12th July 2011. They won a remarkable 185 million euros in the drawing. Because of the advantageous exchange rate, the amount was 161 million pounds sterling and was even larger than that of the Bayfords about a year later.

Colins was 64 years old and retired at the time of the win. His wife Chris was 55 years old. Both have been married for 30 years. Their marriage has survived the trouble of the unexpected fortune. According to rumors, they have bought a villa and present relatives and friends with a battery of luxury cars. They donated part of their euro millions winnings for charity purposes. The couple lives very retiring and hardly appears in public. In the meantime Colins has fulfilled his lifelong dream and made a trip to the Great Wall of China.