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What happens with currency fluctuations?

Since not all of the Euromillions participating countries have the euro as their currency, the Swiss often ask themselves whether they are disadvantaged by the conversion into Swiss francs and have to expect worse quotas.

High jackpot guaranteed – despite other currency!

Since 2004, the Euromillions have exemplified the cohesion of the European states. Even though the cultural differences may be considerable: the desire for rapidly earned millions is shared by the classes of population in any case!

Thanks to the international presentation and the numerous platforms that guarantee participation regardless of their own origin, players are generally asked to put their luck to the test all over the world. The conversion of the currencies is made completely automatically in a time when eWallet services such as PayPal dominate the market. Even in Switzerland, each player can rely on the same high winnings to be paid. The cost of the lottery ticket as well as the jackpot amount are regularly adjusted to the current currency fluctuations.

This means that the currencies have no influence on diverging amounts. Each player enjoys the same winning probability and receives the weekly jackpot after conversion of the currency.