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Can gambling addiction be healed?

Does the treatment of a gambling addiction lead to the addict being able to participate in gambling in a responsible manner or does only the lifelong abstinence help as with alcoholics?

Gambling bans can be suspended

The lawmaker clearly assumes the possibility of curing an existing gambling addiction. It allows for the suspension of a self-protection ban and a foreign protection ban after at least one year, provided that the applicant makes it possible to overcome the morbid passion for gambling. Psychologists and psychiatrists issue appropriate certificates, which also presupposes the assumption of a complete cure.

How is the treatment of the gambling addiction?

Essential elements of a therapy against the pathological participation in gambling are detailed discussions with a psychotherapist. It is also recommended to visit a group in which the persons concerned share their experiences. Studies realised with the drug Naltrexone have led to the fact that the patients treated with it more or less quit gambling.

However, drug therapy merely suppresses the need for gambling without having to deal with the fundamental psychological problems. Due to strong side effects, the drug in Germany is still not approved for use in addiction treatment.

What must cured gamblers look out for?

If you have been treated for gambling and are considered cured, pay attention to all signs that indicate renewed excessive gambling. If you do not consistently adhere to your self-imposed limits, there is a strong risk of regression.

The best way is to be accompanied by a trustworthy person when you go gambling again. Be aware that the responsible participation in gamblings after a successful therapy is indeed possible, but at the same time a high risk of regression.