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Gambling addiction test

Tests of the BZgA and other tests

Die Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung stellt auf ihrer Webseite zur Glücksspielsucht einen

The Federal Center for Health Education provides a website for gambling addiction with a
Test That will give you a feedback on your gambling behavior and your addiction risk. You answer to different questions about your age and your gambling behavior. A prerequisite for a successful test is that you answer all questions honestly.

The test is, of course, free and anonymous. The Charité has one Simplified gambling addiction test , which consists of only eleven questions. Unlike the BZgA test, it does not take into account the age and gender of the test participant. In addition, he does not evaluate the individual questions so that the Federal Center's test is more significant.

Look for the symptomns of gambling addiction

Another way to test yourself for gambling addictionis by self-testing the typical symptoms of morbid gambling. You are at risk when you often think of gambling. A clear symptom of an already existing serious gambling addiction are frequently placed bets that exceed your financial potential. Have you ever taken a loan to finance your participation in gambling?

This also includes the use of your line of credit for this purpose. If you have already missed working hours because you wanted to gamble, your addiction is already well progressed. This also applies if you have repeatedly canceled or neglected important personal appointments to use the appropriate time to gamble.