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Help for relatives of gamblers

The gambling addiction also affects the relatives

In addition to the gamblers, the relatives and often friends are also affected by the consequences of gambling addiciton. The people most affected are the ones live together with the addict. With young people these are the parents, but in most cases the spouse or partner and the children.

Dependents suffer psychologically and financially

Do not kepp a bank account together with a gambling partner. If you have your own account and do not have bank mandates, you have access to the money you receive on your own. The prerequisite for the protection impact of separate accounts is that the gambling addict does not know the access data for the online banking nor the secret number of your bank card. Ask your partner to transfer their share of the household expenses directly to your account after the salary’s receipt.

Psychological help

Do you feel complicit in the gambling addiction of a relative', or suffer mentally from being emotionally removed from somebody who has got only little time for you? Entrust yourself to your family doctor and look for a counseling center in cases of severe psychological difficulties. Anonymous consultations are available to relatives of gambling addicts as well as to the pathological players themselves. Be encouraged to lend no money to an addicted person - no matter how close he is to you.

Economic consulting

You have already borrowed large amounts of your money to your gambling-addicted partner and can not meet your financial obligations properly? Make an appointment with debt counseling to help you regulate your liabilities. Most creditors tend to relent after a letter from a consultant and agree on an acceptable payment plan.