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Help for the addict by relatives and friends

Gambling addicts are grateful for the support of their loved ones and friends. However, the most intensive form of assistance is no assistance.

In any case, never lend money

Do not lend money to an addicted relative or friend. He uses this to continue to play. Do not pay for any open invoices, because you ultimately also support the gambling behavior inadvertently. Do not blame your loved one or your friend for which meaningful purchases the money could have been used. In this way, you might trigger a defiant reaction rather than the necessary understanding for the behavioral change.

Call for advice

Gambling addicts often do not recognize the need for treatment. Indicate the affected person in a friendly, but determined manner, and inform her about counseling offers. Offer her your company when going to a counseling center or self-help group. Talk about the problems that led to the gambling addiction.

Increase your common activities to distract the addict from gambling. If you live with the addict or at least have a very good relationship of trust, you can suggest that you temporarily take care of his finances.

The foreign protection ban as a last and incomplete protection option

You can request a foreign protection ban for a relative and also for a good friend. In this case, however, you must provide evidence that the gambling addiction has already led to serious economic difficulties and the help for the gambler is existential. This condition can often not be fulfilled. The addict’s understanding for the need of treatment is more encouraged if you convince him of the need for a self-protection ban.

Both bans have in common that they only apply in casinos and for sports betting as well as Keno in the lottery’s receiving office. Online gamblers and gambling halls offer each their own banning systems, which, with a few exceptions, are only effective for one provider.