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Is self-help possible ?

The self-treatment can be successful in an early phase of the gambling addiction, even if at least the support of a self-help group is advantageous. If you want to fight against your own gambling addiction, you have to confess it at a first step. Only then self-help is possible.

Single steps to curing the gambling addiction

Just as the development the treatment of gambling addiction can be subdivided into different steps. To begin with, block your participation in gambling by restrichting different possibilities that lead to gambling. You apply for a self-protection ban, which is effective against casinos and the governmental offers for sports betting and keno. In addition, you can ban yourself on the individual websites of online casinos and online bookmakers.

Since no central Internet blocking system exists so far, each ban is only valid for the respective provider. Hessian gambling halls are connected to a common banning file, so the voluntary self-banned system is valid for every gaming machine hall in the federate state. In other federal states, you can now only be banned separately for each individual hall. The ultimate goal of the treatment is either to remain completely abstinent or to regain the ability to stay in control with your gambling behaviour.

Talk to friends and relatives

Talk to your friends and family about your problematic gameplay. Do you have full confidence in someone? If so, give this person temporary control over your financial affairs and let only the cash necessary for food and other purchases be paid out. If you notice that you are not able to get rid of your gambling addiction alone, talk to your GP or a addiction advice centre so you can be given a therapy.