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Self- and foreign ban with gambling addiction


You can get a self-protection for gamblings at any time. In this case, you do not have to provide evidence for an existing gambling addiction or provide any other reasons. You may apply for the suspension of the self-protection after one year at the earliest, usually with a psychological report.

Foreign protection

The right to apply for a foreign ban can by law be considered for relatives and other persons. This makes it possible for good friends or even the employer to submit a corresponding application. In contrast to a self-protection system, a requested foreign ban must be substantiated in detail and verified with facts.

If a third party has requested a gambling ban against you, the recipient of the application requests you to comment. In this way, it is ruled out that opponents impose unfounded gambling bans on each other.

Approval of the foreign ban

The decision on the approval or rejection of the requested foreign barrier shall be taken after careful consideration of the reasons stated and your opinion. With regard to the suspension of the gambling ban, the same conditions apply as with the self-protection.

What does the ban protect from?

The self- and foreign ban prevents the visit of casinos as well as the participation in sports betting and keno at lotto accepting points. The lottery associations partly also implentent these bans voluntarily for the online lotto, but in the point of acceptance, banned gamblers can continue to submit their tickets. Furthermore, the gambling ban does not protect you from going to gambling halls.

Separate banning systems for gambling halls and betting providers

The Treaty of Gambling Amendments provides for the introduction of a separate banning system for gambling halls. A similar system has so far only been implemented in Hesse, where gambling hall visitors have to acquire or present a player’s card. Most betting providers are not connected to a central ban index, but only allow the user to request a ban for the individual bookmaker.