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Youth protection in the law of gambling

Gambling not until the age of 18

The central youth protection is that participation in gambling is only permitted at the age of 18 years. In Bavarian casinos there is a even higher age limit, where gambling is allowed only from a minimum age of 21 years.

Bans on admittance bans on gambling

Concerning youth protection, there is a distinction between a ban on admittance and a mere ban on gambling. Mainly gambling rooms, such as casinos and gambling halls, may not be entered by young people, while in the case of restaurants only a ban on gambling exists.

You are not allowed to take your non-adult children into a gambling hall. This provision has the effect that even allowed billiard tables or kickers are not accessible to minors when they are in a gambling hall with gaming machines.

Sole billiard halls or halls with table football are of course conceivable and are not subject to the entry ban for young people, provided there are no money gambling devices.

There is also a ban on gambling racecourses and trotting courses while the sole visit to the event where the horse sport takes place is permitted for children and young people.

The supervision of legal age

It is not permitted to issue a lottery ticket on behalf of an adult, even if the minor presents the loyalty card. The Schufa offers online gambling providers a confirmation of legal age, in which they do not pass on credit history.

Extended youth protection by laws for gambling halls

As a supplement to the protection of minors, the laws for gambling halls of the individual federal states provide minimum distances between a school and gambling hall with slot machines. The distance is at least one hundred meters and has been increased in many countries. Most of the federal states also demand a minimum distance between gambling halls and extra-school youth clubs.