Current Jackpot

Euromillions in Ireland

Since October 2014, approximately eight months after the Euromillions were launched, Ireland has also been part of the game. Since then, 8 players of the Irish lottery have managed to crack the jackpot. Also one of the 15 biggest winnings in the history of the Euromillions went to the Emerald island. On July 29, 2005, a lucky sod was able to look forward to a sum of more than 115 million euros.

Euromillions Plus as an additional chance

Players at Euromillions in Ireland have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning by participating in Euromillions Plus. In a separate draw, further winning numbers are drawn, which promise winnings of up to 500,000 euros if they match the with the first 5 numbers of the betting slip - the Lucky Star figures are not taken into account. Only players of the Irish Euromillions participate in this draw. The willingness to participate is indicated by simply ticking the option on the lottery ticket. The additional bet for this option is 1 Euro.

Take part in Euromillions online

Players who do not live in Ireland have the opportunity to participate online in the Irish Euromillions. 2 Euro is due for each bet. Possible winnings from a certain amount on are automatically credited to your bank account.