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Euromillions in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has been part of the Euromillions since October 2004. Although the German is the official language in the principality, the country uses the international concept and not – as in neighboring Austria – the term Euromillions. As a participant of the Euro millions from Liechtenstein, you have the possibility to participate in the bonus playout Super-Star."

Bets in CHF

The official winnings as well as the game bets are paid out in euros. In Liechtenstein, as in all other countries, the stake amounts to two euros per row. The individual companies may charge an additional processing fee. Swisslos uses this option to round off the costs to a smooth Swiss franc amount, currently CHF 3.00 per game series. System bets are possible with the lottery Euromillions in Liechtenstein.

No high Euromillions winnings

Euromillions participants from Liechtenstein have not yet been found among the recipients of three-digit winnings or among the big winners from the German-speaking countries. This is not surprising, however, for a population of around 37,000 people.