Current Jackpot

Euromillions in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has been participated in the Euromillions since October 2004. Although German is, besides Luxembourgish and French, one of the three official languages of the Grand Duchy, the domestic lottery association uses the international concept and not - as in Austria - the translation of Euromillions. In Luxembourg as in the other participating countries, the stake amount used is EUR 2.00 per row.

Million winnings in Luxembourg

The highest wins ever was achieved by a gambler in Luxembourg on 27 September 2013 amounted to EUR 65,793,284. It goes without saying that game secrecy also applies in the Grand Duchy, so that only the winner’s approved data have been announced. It was a male player who played the same numbers every week.

A lively gambler’s exchange

Between Germany and Luxembourg there is a lively exchange of the gamblers. Many Luxembourgers pass over the border to submit their lottery ticket, as there is a higher jackpot in the German lotto than in the comparable domestic gambling games. On the other hand, many inhabitants of the areas near the border in Germany are part of the Lottery Euromillions in the Grand Duchy, even though this number has been decreasing since the introduction of the Eurojackpot. A foreign lottery company may only issue a lottery ticket at the receiving office and not online.